The world’s most advanced smart glass

Instantly switchable color, tint and heat control

Nodis’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color and temperature characteristics of windows instantly.

Why TruTint Glass


Saves Energy

Reduce energy consumption by an average of 20% with sustainable design that can help you earn green labels

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Makes Buildings More Livable

By reducing glare and heat while letting natural light in, you can create better thermal and visual comfort and enjoy increased health and well-being

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Creates Beautiful Buildings

Instead of letting the sun dictate decisions, enhance design freedom for architects with innovative technology

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Markets & Applications

Smart Buildings

TruTint can reduce building energy usage by 40%. Trutint adjusts tint, color and infrared instantly.

Automotive and Aircraft

TruTint blocks heat, enhances your view and reduces hazardous glare, all in dynamic color

Consumer and Products

Imagine every piece of glass as a transparent, low power display.